We are the ClickF1 team!

Alice Erens - Founder - Director

Alice graduated in the creative industry. In 1994 she became a teacher of visual arts. Since then she has been initiator of projects to strengthen the future of youth. In the past 25 years she has worked for various organizations in education and welfare as a project leader and education developer. Over the past 10 years, she has gained experience in developing digital educational environments in closed institutions and schools. With a network of partners, she develops blended learning environments, websites, secure digital environments and training for young people and professionals to work with these blended learning environments.

Sander Falise, technical designer.

Sander is the architect and programmer of the Real Life platform, the BLEEP tool and platform and is the web developer of all Click F1 websites. Since 1995, Sander has been building websites and apps using PHP, JavaScript, ReactJs and Wordpress.


Jolanda Verdonk - Back office

From the start of Click F1, Jolanda has been support and help when it comes to the financial management of the organization. Jolanda takes care of the accounting and takes care of all preconditions such as taking out insurance and managing the payroll. In addition, Jolanda advises the management in making financial decisions and managing the annual budget.

Max ter Beek - Project leader, trainer and workshop supervisor

As a project leader, trainer and workshop supervisor, Max gets into conversation with the participants through creative digital media. By using new techniques, young people see, feel and learn that they are able to work with media that are unknown to them. Being self-confidence about the capability of mastering new media and skills is necessary in our 21st century.

Romy van den Broek - Project coordinator

Romy started at Click F1 as a marketing and communication intern in 2020. After an internship full of fun, Romy continued to grow as a permanent employee. Romy is heavily involved in the MediaWise and BLEEP projects. She is mainly concerned with maintaining the sites. At BLEEP she is busy setting up the system. What she particularly likes are the different groups of people she works with and the versatility of her work.



Jeroen van Gelderen, functional manager

Jeroen is the designer of the Chromebook system and the secured environments. Jeroen supplies devices and secured educational systems for numerous educational organizations in the Netherlands.